SIGNS of the END
The Significance of Rosh Hashanah 2005 & 2007


Diagram posted 7/22/07.
In the summer of 2005 I was first made aware of John Zachary's 14,000 days from the 6-Day-War until Rosh Hashanah 2005. That these 14,000 days (all are exact counts) paralleled the numbering of the Exodus generation until entering the Land and the time of Christ until 70 AD, was alarming since Signs of the End was already written putting forth the conclusion of a possible Rapture in 2006, not 2005. I winced at the passing of Rosh Hashanah 2005, hoping that 2006 was the correct answer.
Shortly thereafter I was contacted by Stuart Cobbs (who has since taken down his website) about what was the significance of the 14,000 days that proved "unfruitful". I really did not know, but surely we agreed that events were soon coming and that the Rapture was near. Then 2006 passed and many told me to tear down the website in no uncertain terms. Actually they probably wanted the website torn down before Rosh Hashanah 2006. Others, however, have remained faithful. Stuart Cobbs, however, did take down his website. Of course, it would make sense to do so, but as stated before, the entire picture was probably not in view. The data is still correct, but was not fully understood. Maybe there is a different angle on it.
Here is a possibility.
From June 7, 1967 to Rosh Hashanah 2005 was 14,000 days.
From June 7, 1967 to Heshvan 17, 2006 (11/8/06) was 14,400 days. The day of Noah's Flood and the start of 40 days and 40 nights.
From July 12, 2006 (Lebanon II War) to Heshvan 17, 2006 was 120 days. Interestingly, 14,400 = 120 x 120.
From Heshvan 17, 2006 to Elul 1 (Aug. 15) 2007 is 280 days--the human gestation period. Elul 1 begins the Season of Repentance of 40 days where Rosh Hashanah is a key day--the Last Trump.
From July 12, 2006 to Elul 1, 2007 is 400 days, just like Rosh Hashanah 2005 to Heshvan 17, 2006. 14,400 - 14,000 = 400.
Therefore, Rosh Hashanah 2005 to July 12, 2006 would also be 280 days. 400 - 120 = 280.
So it would seem that Rosh Hashanah 2005 ties into the other dates leading to the Season of Repentance 2007. All of the timings are significant and beyond remarkable. They are all part of the picture and seem to be a number of hints for those watching so as to give forewarning. A string of clues so that we might find them.