SIGNS of the END
430: Fullness of Time?


Posted: 6/13/07
Other uses of 430 in the Bible:
430 years from the Abrahamic Covenant to the Exodus -- 1922 BC to 1492 BC (Wilderness years -- 1492 BC to 1452 BC).
430 years (360 days) from Malachi (close of Old Testament) to Christ's ministry (starting of New Testament) -- 396 BC to AD 28.
430 days for years in Ezekiel 4 (390 +40).
Ezekiel's 430 years were dealt with in "Signs" and came from the events of the Babylonian Captivity to AD 1914, 1933, 1948, and 1967. It is from 1967 that puts us now 40 years later (1948 puts us at 60 360-day years July 3, 2007). Now there are these 430 days from the start of the war last Summer until Rosh Hashanah 2007. The mathematical improbabilities are too enormous to comprehend in all of the thematic connections, etc. So it would seem that time has about run its course. At least we should consider it and prepare ourselves.
Note: Rosh Hashanah is scheduled for September 13-14 on the observed calendar for 2007. However, it appears the new moon will not be sighted until the evening of the 13th, making the evening of the 13th and the day of the 14th the Feast of Trumpets--day 430. New Moons 2007
Posted: 7/17/07
And here is a breakdown using the Golden Proportion:
Comets and 120 (posted 7/1/07, text added 7/8/07)
An idea was expressed that it would make sense for a terror attack to distract the USA from helping Israel in a time of need . It would seem that if Gog and Magog were to start this summer, and especially after the Rapture, it would be imperative to strike the USA's Achilles heel prior to invading Israel. There has always been the disbelief on how Israel's allies in Ezekiel seem to offer little assistance if "Tarshish and her lions" is Britain and the USA. The Rapture could be the destabilizing event for the USA, but it would also seem logical for the Muslim Alliance to be plotting a terror campaign to neutralize the USA while they attack Israel. The key seems to be the use of multiple fronts to attack Israel and the USA at their weakest point. And with the help of the Prince of Persia and Gog, it is bound to be better planned than we give them credit.
So when?
Av 9 is Tuesday July 24th, Elul 1 is August 15th, and Rosh Hashanah looks to be September 14th.
I will be watching intently at these days in ascending order and importance.
What may be the clue?
July 12, 2006 was the start of the Lebanon II War, which was incredibly 120 days before November 8, 2006--Heshvan 17 and the day that the Flood began in Noah's Day. This very day was 14,400 days after the gaining of the Temple Mount on June 7, 1967. This is 40 360-day years or 120 x 120 days. Phenomenal. But the following was understood yesterday. After November 8, 2006, it works out that Elul 1 (August 15, 2007) is 280 days later--40 weeks. This is the human gestation period from egg to birth. Is it coincidence that the word "tribulation" is a reference to the birthing process? Elul 1 is a significant day since it begins the period known as the Season of Repentance thirty days before Rosh Hashanah. Those written in the Book of Life are taken (raptured) with the remaining to endure the "Ten Days of Awe" until Yom Kippur. They have additional time to make the correct choice. I believe 2007 to 2017 are those ten days--each for a year. This puts Daniel's 70th Week from 2010 to 2017--the final seven days. If the Rapture occurs this Feast of Trumpets, it would seem that Elul 1 would have some importance, if the scenario is true. But what about Av 9? Interestingly it is 23 inclusive days from Elul 1--a day count seen in the tapestry of 430 days and a number for death.
This with all of the other alignments of dates (which is mathematically impossible), including the timing of the comets, should at least prompt us to watch and be prepared for what could be the final days of our work on earth. As we see the day approaching with greater clarity, preparation will be vital so that we may not be ashamed.
Oh, and Elul 1 is also 400 days from July 12, 2006. So the number 400 starts the time of 40--the Season of Repentance. Maybe now the entire picture is coming into focus more clear than what was known last year.
I received an e-mail today (8/7/07) pointing out that the Sun and Mercury coincide on August 15th, the day of Elul 1.
I then remembered when Mercury transited the Sun on November 8, 2006.
Therefore, at both ends of the 280 days, there is this coincidence of the Sun and Mercury.
Mercury is the messenger/scribe planet.
Do we get it?
Blow the trumpet in Zion!