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The Final Seven Years
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Signs of the End overlapped the seven years of burning Magog’s weapons with Daniel’s Seventieth Week by three and a half years. The logic was that if Israel flees the country half way through the Tribulation, then the weapons harvested for energy would come to a halt. This would also give three and half years from Magog’s War to the Antichrist’s treaty, allowing time for a political shift prior to the Tribulation. So the total time would be ten and a half years. However, if 2010 is still the beginning point of the Tribulation, then this theory is no longer viable.

The other theory on where to place the seven years of burning is to make it equal with the seven years of the Tribulation. Regarding the flow of events, it does compact the Magog Invasion at the point of the Rapture. Scriptural clues found in Micah and Isaiah suggest that the “ordeal from the north” comes after the righteous have disappeared. Even the clues from Ezekiel suggest that this war comes when God’s focus is put back onto Israel, which seems to suggest that the Church has departed. However, there may still be stages that lead up to the war that occur before the Rapture, like the 2006 war of Israel. Though events would be compressed, it is still feasible. It also seems better to simply allow the seven-year periods to be the same. It would be a more natural connection.

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