SIGNS of the END


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The accuracy of the timelines developed in the book and how they interlock demonstrates an entire scenario that could not have been thought up by human creativity. It would be impossible. Rather, only God himself could have planned out the details.
This book has discovered precise day counts from biblically significant dates to land on Jewish Calendar dates of historical significance. Those future dates and their thematic significance, according to the Jewish Calendar, then tie into each other with a proportional accuracy that defies any rational explanation. Not only do the dates align with the Jewish Calendar and its themes, they also align with the proper days of the week (i.e. the Sabbath), but it doesn't stop there. Eclipses, the planets, and seasonal markers also come into play. It simply cannot happen again involving every detail, but it does so in the generation that has seen the rebirth of Israel.
To calculate the odds of everything aligning so perfectly would be astronomical, but God has laid this all out in His Word through various clues. He has given the various prophecies and examples that are a shadow of things to come. One precedent was when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the donkey on the precise day according to Daniel 9 and the Feasts of Israel. Should we wonder that God will do it again in similar accurate fashion on an unparalleled scale? We are talking about the worst yet most talked about segment of history in the Bible--and it is soon coming.
No man, such as myself, could have been creative enough to develop what is discovered in this book. I could only stumble upon the signature accuracy of the plan of God.
Elements of the Book
Biblical - There can be no conflict with Scripture. Instead it should illuminate and utilize all applicable Bible passages in harmony.
Historical - There can be no conflict with history. It must fit a literal biblical history and not vice versa.
Substantial - It should incorporate ancient as well as modern events of real and biblical significance.
Precise - All math and day counts must be correct with emphasis on exact day counts.
Thematic Accuracy - Exact day counts or time spans should land on or join significant biblical days of matching themes.
Systematic - There must be multiple witnesses of precise and themed timelines to corroborate the scenario in an orderly patterned manner.